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Present bloggers at Vakantiesalon Antwerpen 2018

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Worldwidewendy loves luxury traveling with (and sometimes without) kids. I want to show that you don’t have to go camping once you have children It’s still possible to stay in luxury hotels and discover the world. The world is a classroom without walls. Citytrips, roadtrips, cruises, safari,….   I am sure your kids will love it as much as ours.

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With Reisgoesting, we try to inspire people to get off the beaten track. There is so much to see in our world, so why would you spend your vacation in a resort? We don’t present anything on a silver platter, but with our stories and pictures, we try to give you that little push you need to go explore. Lot Wildiers is senior editor of Reisgoesting. She is an experienced blogger, counting almost seven years and dozens of destinations.

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The Belgian Abroad is an inspirational travel blog for everyone who loves to travel, discover and enjoy (culinary experiences).The blogger-writer behind The Belgian Abroad, that’s me, Cindy Bellekens. I have a particular affinity for Italy, but at the same time I’m really curious about the rest of the world. Besides personal travel stories, I also share useful travel tips, nice hotels and delicious places to eat. All that with one goal in mind: spark your appetite to travel!

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This blog discusses many different topics that are related to traveling. It is a blog for anyone who loves to travel. They travel around the world and share their honest opinion about different (touristic) places they visit, travelgadgets they use, (local) food they tried,… Based on their own experiences, they give tips & tricks to their readers for their next holiday. They want to show their love for traveling and hope to inspire their readers for their next journey.

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Traveling to the other side of the world or exploring new places close by: with our blog we want to inspire our readers to discover the world themselves and experience cool & unforgettable adventures. We love traveling in all forms and sizes: whether it’s a luxury dream vacation, an exciting adventure-trip or a surprising weekend away. On we give you an insight into our personal travel stories and lots of tips & tricks to make your own trip or holiday a lot more comfortable and exiting.

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A blog for explorers, backpackers, city trippers, enjoyers of life, adventurers and world travelers. In 2014, I gave up everything I had for a one year trip through Central and South America. Since then travelling became a part of me and I travel as far and as often as I possibly can. On my blog “Reis je mee?” you can you travel with me, enjoy my stories and find some golden travel insights and tips!

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Family travel blog aiming to encourage families to look beyond the classic all-in vacation and start exploring the world. A hint of luxury is never far away. The Clan mainly wants to inspire by sharing their own travel adventures but also offers some priceless advice on minimizing the (un)practical hassle that comes with family travel.

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The Venice Insider is an online travel guide for travelers visiting Venice regularly. You will find background information about the different neighborhoods, events, culture, history and traditions of this fascinating city.

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Tjapke Op Reis is the personal blog of a travel addict in her twenties. Always adding things on her bucketlist and looking for the beauty in small things. Be inspired by the stories, photos, tips and much more.

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Founded in 2012 by Belgian travel writer and photographer Bram Reusen, Travel. Experience. Live. is an adventure travel blog with a focus on national parks and outdoor activities, specifically hiking and camping. Quality photos make the lively descriptions, fun tips and experiences in dozens of informative blog posts highly visual. Bram now lives in Charlottesville, Virginia (V.S.), where he spends his days exploring and photographing the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. He is on a mission to visit every national park in the United States, and as many as possible elsewhere in the world.

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Travel & event site established by Christel ‘De Kriebel’ Bedert. Readers are men and women ages 30/40 and up. You love live, nature, good food, culinary experiences, luxury without bragging, surprising discoveries. She call you Her ‘epicureans’ and with a huge appetite to discover. Her aim is to offer you with each post some valuable new item, a nice place to stay, a restaurant that serves the difference, a new flight route, an untouched piece of nature, an event you cannot miss, a personal travel experience.

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Take me to sweden is an inspirational and informative (travel) guide about Sweden. Next to practical information and the unbeatable sights, Take me to Sweden with real hidden surprised you with gems and hotspots. Beside take me to swede Heidi has a second blog, living by the sea, travelling the world. This lifestyle and travel blog takes you to the best spaces where the sea is never far away. Living by the sea stands for fresh air, the slow life and a big portion of Ostend

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Checkoutsam lets you take part of destinations near and far. Using detailed travel guides, informative blog posts and beautiful photos of all these destinations, Sam makes sure that you are perfectly prepared for a vacation.

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Christophe & Heidi travel around the world in search of charm and romance. With their tips, they want to inspire you and make it affordable for luxury

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Planning a trip completely independent is not easy! The blog Travel Unlimited was founded to help Belgian do-it-yourself travelers with the practical side of planning a trip! The perfect trip starts with scoring a super cheap flight ticket via this blog and subsequently use smart tips and useful information to have the ultimate travel experience!

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Travel journalists Myriam en Werner are alway on the move. Three years ago they launched Dichtbij & Ver Weg as their own platdorm to talk undisturbed about their travel experiences; Their mission? Inspire. Myriam has a strong love for Asia, especially Thailand and Japan, Werner for Europe and oenotourism. Their big passion for Africa is the common denominator. Close and far away, but also adventurous and luxurious, always curious about the local gastronomy. Their blog is especially appreciated for the well-written texts and beautiful photographs

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Follow the adventures of Deborah and Maarten around the world on the blog ‘Wanderlust tourist’. You can discover short city trips exotic holydays and long road trips in their travel diaries. Sharing an honest opinion and review about their accommodations from hotels, apartments, etc. I am convinced that blogs give you much more detailed information than the short reviews given by the travel guides. Sometimes it can be also comfortable to get your trip planned by a professional travel organisation rather than spending your days looking for the perfect trip.

Kris and Sylvia, are two adventurous travelers who like to travel comfortably and love some luxury. For them, traveling is  also  a synonymous  for enjoyment.  And it is especially the great experiences that keep up afterwards. A flight with a helicopter over a glacier. experience a sunrise on the Uyuni salt flats or do a fantastic safari in South Africa. Over the years, they have delved into the travel hacking. The way to travel in style, without paying a blue fee.  It are these issues they share with you on Wapiti Travel

Exploring the world is one of the top things on Glenn’s bucketlist. He’s travelling around the world, most of the times on his own and is always open for new adventures. Citytripping in Europe or backpacking on the other side of the world. No challenge is too big for him. He loves coffee, culture and streetart. He visualizes all of this on his social media.